Total service, flexible response. Our position: the customer comes first.

Willingness to listen to the concerns of customers is the focal point for Yushiro's business approach. We give even the smallest matters our keen attention, and always strive to exceed expectations. It is the R&D, production and supply, proposal and marketing capabilities cultivated through such an approach that enable us to respond with such flexibility and thoroughness to the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our customers.

Helping to increase competitiveness of customers through improving environmental credentials.

Where its established spheres of activities are concerned, Yushiro not only constantly seeks to improve fundamental technology and develop products suited to user needs, but also makes full use of its analytical expertise gained through a vast accumulation of previous experience to further polish its product development capabilities and environmental analysis, establishing a section for environmental monitoring and validation.

'Quality first' approach and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Yushiro's approach to manufacturing is 'quality first', and it has built up its unique quality management system by viewing each and every one of its operations from the point of view of the purchasers and users of its products. On the other hand, safety and environmental responsibility are two absolutely indispensable social duties of Yushiro. Seeking to contribute to sustainable development in its position as a leading chemical manufacturer, Yushiro has established its own environmental management system, and is constantly making improvements.



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